Frequently Asked Questions

Where are tutoring session held?

UPDATE: Due to the current public health crisis, in-person tutoring sessions have been temporarily suspended to help safeguard the health of students and families. In-person sessions are expected to resume once the crisis has abated

Can you help me with my homework?

Absolutely! I won’t do the work for you, but I will help you to understand and complete your assignments

Can you help me take an online exam?

Sorry, but  I do not help students take their exams.  But I can absolutely help you to best prepare for any upcoming exams and tests, even at late notice

*Be Aware –  Online “tutors” willing to complete coursework or entire courses for you are known for taking your payment and disappearing if paid up-front, or for continuing to blackmail students after the work has been completed.  With a quick email they can derail your entire academic career or cost you thousands of dollars for years.  Please consider hiring a real tutor, whether it be myself or any other traditional tutor, and avoid endangering yourself in this way

Do you have experience working with students with learning disorders?

Yes, I have lots of experience working with students who have various learning challenges including anxiety, ADHD, and various processing challenges. I focus on identifying students’ preferred learning style(s) and use a multi-modal approach to engage students in the material.

Patience, encouragement, and creativity are vital to the learning process!

What sets you apart from other academic tutors out there?

My primary focus as a tutor is the well-being of my clients, and sometimes that means I provide emotional support in addition to academic support.  I’m here for whatever my clients need to help them succeed.

Integrity is very important to me, which is why I never complete assignments or courses for students.  I want every client to experience the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes with learning and achieving goals – with my help every step of the way!

Additionally, at no additional charge I provide each client with copies of any session notes, digital white board drawings, a copy of any work completed in our session, as well as any relevant resource materials I may already have on the subject

What kind of computer equipment will I need for online tutoring?

  • High-speed internet connection (approx. 15-60 Mbps)
  • Webcam with built-in microphone, or a headset with  microphone for the video call. Most laptop computers already have a built-in webcam
  • (optional) Using an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi can tremendously boost your internet connection speed and improve your video call quality
  • (optional) An inexpensive headset with a microphone can also improve your sound quality

What is your fee?

My fees are flexible and competitive, and are dependent on several factors, including course level, traditional tutoring versus graduate research consulting, and several other factors

For information on fees and appointment availability, please click the “Request an Appointment” tab and complete the form, or simply reach out to me with a quick call or text at 714-253-9990 and an email at

You will receive a response within 24 hours, but often within 3 hours or less.